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Interesting Times – Terry Pratchett mai 25, 2010

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Karakter: 5

Lest: mai 10

Lengde10 timer

The events of the novel are a «game» between the Discworld gods Fate and The Lady (Luck) with the Discworld as their game board.

This novel marks Rincewind‘s reappearance on the Discworld after the events of Eric. The Patrician of Ankh-Morpork is sent a letter from the Agatean Empire on the Counterweight Continent commanding him to «send us the Great Wizzard». The wizards of Unseen University, after some discussion, eventually realise the spelling of Wizzard can refer to only one man – Rincewind.

After using Hex to assist in performing a spell to summon Rincewind, Archchancellor Ridcully convinces him to go to the Agatean Empire and speak to whoever sent the message. A second summoning spell is used, which exchanges the position of Rincewind with that of a live cannon.

As usual, The Luggage is not far behind Rincewind, following him across the continents to its homeland. However, once there it gets the impression that Rincewind has relinquished ownership, and therefore the two are separated for a large portion of the book as The Luggage explores the land.

Upon his arrival on the Counterweight Continent, Rincewind is reunited with a companion of his previous adventures, Cohen the Barbarian. Cohen has brought a group of aging heroes, The Silver Horde, with him, in order to usurp the Emperor and «steal» the country. Rincewind also learns that the Empire is in a state of turmoil thanks to a revolutionary document entitled «What I did on My Holidays». Later, Rincewind discovers that this book was written by none other than his travelling companion in the novels The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic, Twoflower the tourist. The Empire’s capital city of Hunghung is under «siege» from the Empire’s five most powerful feudal lords – Hong, Tang, Fang, Sung, and McSweeney, and a revolutionary group called the Red Army is also independently plotting to overthrow the Emperor.

Rincewind travels to Hunghung where he meets Twoflower’s daughters, who are members of the Red Army. He discovers that Agatean culture is not a good breeding ground for revolution and the Red Army doesn’t do much more than putting up posters and shouting limp slogans. Rincewind is cajoled into helping the Red Army free revolutionary prisoners, but they are captured and thrown into the dungeons, where Twoflower is also being held.

The most powerful feudal lord, Lord Hong, has in fact been manipulating the other four families and fomenting the Red Army to further his own political gains. His plan is for the Red Army to assassinate the Emperor, so that he in turn can mount a counter-revolution, take control of the Empire and eventually conquer Ankh-Morpork. To this end, Rincewind and the others are mysteriously allowed to escape and led to the Emperor’s bedroom, where they discover that the Emperor has already been murdered by Lord Hong’s soldiers.

At the same time, Cohen and his Silver Horde infiltrate the city, and penetrate the Forbidden City, home of the Emperor. Rincewind eventually finds his way to the Throne Room, where Cohen has now installed himself as Emperor. However, the city remains under siege from five armies, and the Silver Horde are called out to meet their challenge. Meanwhile, back in the University, Hex is calculating the spell needed to bring Rincewind back. However, the butterfly of Luck drops a small glob of honey in a tube, which distracts an ant, thus altering the calculation.

Rincewind, trying to avoid the battle, finds his way up an ancient hill outside Hunghung. As the battle is about to commence, a massive thunderstorm appears, and Rincewind finds himself dropped into a mysterious cave, filled with terracotta statues, the original, legendary Red Army. After locating some magic armour that allows him to control the army, Rincewind leads them out into the middle of the battlefield and begins destroying the five attacking armies, mostly by accident. Cohen is returned to Hunghung victorious, and re-proclaims himself Emperor.

Lord Hong escapes the battlefield, and returns to Hunghung for a final showdown. Twoflower challenges him to a duel, blaming Lord Hong for the death of his wife. Just as Hong is about to kill Twoflower, the cannon is returned, lit, as a result of the Unseen University wizards’ attempts to resummon Rincewind. The cannon fires, and Hong is killed, along with one of the members of Cohen’s horde; Ronald Saveloy the civilization instructor, who had given up civilization as a waste of time and thinks heroes get a better class of afterlife. The rest of the Silver Horde is unharmed, due to many years of practice at not dying.

Fate then remarks that although the Lady has won, she has lost her most powerful piece, because the imbalance in mass between the cannon and Rincewind will mean that when he materializes in the University, he will fly into a wall at 500 miles an hour, as he did when he was teleported to the Counterweight Continent. Due to a slight error in calculation by Hex caused by Luck’s interference however, Rincewind is not returned to the University, thus saving his life. The wizards determine that Rincewind has in fact been transported to «XXXX», an unexplored continent. At the end, it appears that Rincewind is about to be pulled into another adventure despite his best efforts.


Tordivelen flyr i skumringen – Maria Gripe – Kay Pollak mai 25, 2010

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Karakter: 6

lest: mai 10

Lengde: 5t

Tidenes beste barnehørespill!

I forbindelse med Radioteatrets 75-års jubileum ble hørespillet «Tordivelen flyr i skumringen» kåret av lytterne som tidenes beste barnehørespill.

Dette er en fantastisk fortelling om tre ungdommers mystiske opplevelser i en by i Småland. Og om hvordan to tilsynelatende tilfeldige hendelser gjør at visse gjemte og glemte saker rulles opp og blir avslørt.

Hvem er den gamle damen som vil spille sjakk i telefonen? Hva sier de lave stemmene på Jonas Berglunds båndopptaker? Finnes den tretusen år gamle egyptiske gravstatuen ennå, og hvor er den? Har den underlige blå blomsten et eget liv? Hva er det som påvirker historien?

I hovedrollene: Forteller: Per Christensen Jonas: Øyvind Andreas Ørbæk Annika: Hilde Sophie Plau David: Svein Tindberg Svante, Davids far: Arne Aas Fru Göransson: Åsta Voss Mamma: Vibeke Lundquist Regi: Per Christensen Lyd: Sture Bakke Musikk: Arne Olsson Produsent: Yngvil Kiran

Making Money – Terry Pratchett mai 8, 2010

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Karakter: 4+

Lest: mai 10

lengde 15 t

Moist von Lipwig is bored with his job as the Postmaster General of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office, which is running smoothly without any challenges, so the Patrician tries to persuade him to take over the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork and the Royal Mint. Moist, content with his new lifestyle, refuses. However, when the current chairwoman, Topsy Lavish, dies, she leaves 50% of the shares in the bank to her dog, Mr Fusspot (who already owns 1% of the bank, giving him a majority and making him chairman) – and she leaves the dog to Moist. She also made sure that the Assassins’ Guild would fulfill a contract on Moist if anything happens to the dog or if he does not do as her last will commands.

With no alternatives, Moist takes over the bank and finds out that people do not trust banks much, that the production of money runs slowly and at a loss, and that people now use stamps as currency rather than coins. His various ambitious changes include making money that is not backed by gold but by the city itself. Unfortunately, neither the chief cashier (Mr. Bent, who is rumored to be a vampire but is actually something much worse) nor the Lavish family are too happy with him and try to dispose of him. Cosmo Lavish tries to go one step further – he is attempting to replace Vetinari by taking on his identity – with little success. However all the while, the reappearance of a character from von Lipwig’s past adds more pressure to his unfortunate scenario.

Moist’s fiancée, Adora Belle Dearheart, is working with the Golem Trust in the meantime to uncover golems from the ancient civilization of Um. She succeeds in bringing them to the city, and to everyone’s surprise the «four golden golems» turn out to be «four thousand golems» (due to a translation error) and so the city is at risk of being at war with other cities who might find an army of 4000 golems threatening. Moist discovers the magic words that control the golems, and manages to order them to bury themselves outside the city (except for a few to power clacks towers and golem horses for the mail coaches) and then decides that these extremely valuable golems are a much better foundation for the new currency than gold and thus introduces the golem-based currency. Eventually, an anonymous clacks message goes out to the leaders of other cities that contains the command that the golems respond to, thus making them unsuitable for using in warfare.

At the end of the novel, Lord Vetinari considers the advancing age of the current Chief Tax Collector, and suggests that upon his retirement a new name to take on the vacancy might present itself.

Going Postal – Terry Pratchett 2004 mai 8, 2010

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Karakter: 5

Lest: april/mai

Lengde: 12 t

As with many of the Discworld novels, the story takes place in Ankh-Morpork, a powerful city-state based on the modern and historical settings of New York City and London. The protagonist of the story is Moist von Lipwig, a skilled con artist who was to be hanged for his crimes, but saved at the very last moment by the cunning and manipulative Patrician Havelock Vetinari, who fakes Moist’s death on the scaffold.

In his office, Vetinari then presents Moist with two choices: he may accept a job offer to become Postmaster of the city’s rundown Postal Service or he may choose to walk out of the door and never hear from Vetinari again. As the latter turned out to have a decidedly final outcome, Moist accepts the job.

After a thwarted attempt at escape, Moist is brought to the Post Office by his parole officer Mr. Pump, a golem. It turns out that the Post Office has not functioned for decades, and the building is full of undelivered mail, concealed under a layer of pigeon dung. Only two employees remain: the aged Junior Postman Tolliver Groat and his assistant Stanley Howler.

Meanwhile, Vetinari is holding a meeting with the board executives of the Grand Trunk Company, a company that owns and operates a system of visual telegraph towers known as «clacks«. He notes that since they have taken full control, the quality of service had gone down considerably. Despite unnerving most of the board, Vetinari fails to make headway, especially with its chairman, Reacher Gilt.

As Moist attempts to revitalize the service, he discovers that a few months before taking the job, a number of his predecessors have predeceased in the building within weeks of each other in unusual circumstances. He also discovers that the mail inside the building has taken on a life of its own, and is nearly suffocated as a result.

Moist introduces postage stamps to Ankh-Morpork, hires golems to deliver the mail, and finds himself competing against the Grand Trunk Clacks line. He meets and falls in love with the tough, chain-smoking golem-rights activist, Adora Belle Dearheart, and the two begin a relationship by the end of the book. Dearheart is the daughter of the Clacks founder Robert Dearheart, though the company was taken away from her father and the other founders by tricky financial manoeuvring. Because of this, she still has useful contacts amongst the clacks operators.

The unscrupulous Clacks chairman, Reacher Gilt, sets a banshee assassin (Mr Gryle) on the Postmaster, but only manages to burn down much of the Post Office building. The banshee dies when he gets flipped onto the space-warping sorting machine. Lipwig makes an outrageous wager that he can deliver a message to Genua faster than the Grand Trunk can. «The Smoking Gnu», a group of clacks-crackers, sets up a plan to send a killer poke into the clacks system that will destroy the machinery, halting the message that Lipwig will race against. Lipwig talks the Gnu out of it, and opts for a more psychological attack on the Grand Trunk, leaving the semaphore towers standing. This plan succeeds.

Gilt is soon arrested and finds himself confronting the Patrician. Offered the choice of a job or exiting the room, he ends up walking through the door and to his death.

Min kamp: første bok – Karl Ove Knausgårds 2009 mai 8, 2010

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Karakter: 3
Lest april 10
lengde: 15 timer

Nei dette var nok ikke en bok for meg. En serriøs bok som minner om pensumbok fra Norsk litteratur studiet på Lærerutdanning. Jeg tror ikke det blir lesing av de 5 neste bøkene!

Min kamp blir utgitt som seks romaner. Min kamp.Første bok utforsker det å være overgitt en verden som ser ut til å være komplett, avsluttet, lukket. Romanen beskriver det unge blikkets varhet og usikkerhet, der det registrerer andre menneskers tilstedeværelse og vurderinger med en åpenhet som er voldsom og nesten selvutslettende i sin konsekvens